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Farwell Friends

Dear Tumblr Friends, Followers, And Lurkers,

The time has come for me to move on from my tumblr and do new things in life. With a heavy heart but a lot of optimism, I will be deleting my tumblr in early December, 2014, i.e about 3 months from today. Over the last 2 days, I have posted everything (over 300 posts) in my drafts, likes, pics from my personal collection, and reblogs of people’s favorite posts that I’ve written as a part of my final send off.

Deleting this is both easy and difficult. It’s easy because I’m not the same person that started this blog or even the same person that I was two years ago, which means that Keys To My Kingdom has ceased to be the place that I visit in order to think openly and flesh out ideas. At the same time, I have learned so much because I started my blog, in more ways than I’d care to admit to, so I associated it with “becoming an adult” if you will. I’ve also met some amazing people and like clockwork, there is always someone new and interesting that pops us every 3-9 months that is totally different than the people I’ve met before.

I have already said everything I need to say over the last 4 years, but some things are worth repeating:

Be yourself and surround yourself with people that don’t judge you. Jerk off. Enjoy food. Don’t ever apologize for being sexual. Nothing is more important than family. Don’t settle for mediocrity in anything, but especially in human relationships.

If you ever wanted to tell me that I’m a fucking idiot or that you enjoyed my blog or anything else, now is your last chance! If there is something interesting someone brings up, I’d consider posting those thoughts in mid November. Besides that though, there will be no more new posts. Ask & Email.

Dovetailing this, a couple of nights ago, I was having dinner with my sister and her new husband at their home and blogging somehow came up. She doesn’t know that I have a tumblr, but she said, “I think it’s so amazing that someone can have an idea and post it and then other people can identify with them and create their own thing. It’s really inspiring.” I didn’t say anything, but man, she hit the nail on the head. We each have our own relationship with the blogs we follow, from devoted fan to forgetful eavesdropper, but we come back for a reason that’s purely our own. 

Anyways, I hope you’ve enjoyed my blog as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

We might meet again in the future.

With Love & Sincerity,


Goodbye Everyone

Listen to me one more time,

How can I get through?

Don’t you see that I’m

Trying to get to you.

My First Post Ever
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My First Post Ever

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As you wish


To gather him in by touch

A white t-shirt that fits really well makes me really happy.

Jason Gregory-Makr

Volume 2, No 4, Inventory Magazine


This is sincerely one of my favorite books of all time


This is sincerely one of my favorite books of all time

My Favorite Type of Hard On: Saturday Morning Boner


There are many types of boners one can have, though it seems like the only ones that get any attention are ones that are ready-to-fuck boners. That’s nice, but they’re not the best.

About three months ago, I woke up on a glorious Saturday morning with a boner that I had forgot existed. Normally, I wake up with an 80% hard on that deflates in seconds and is really just my body telling me that I have to go pee. This was not the case this Saturday morning as I had already peed in a sleap walking bathroom break two hours earlier.

I got out of bed and my cock was poking through my sweatpants, but not in a way like it was trying to get attention or something. I pulled down my pants and my cock sort of leaped forth and bounced up and down like a diving board after someone jumps off of it. It was a boner that was hard, yes, but it was pointing straight rather than up. In fact, it was pointing ever so slightly towards the ground.

I looked at it and started admiring it. “This has got to be the best boner of all time” I thought to myself. What was great about it was its potential. You get a slight chubby and it’s more of a disappointing nuisance: you can’t really do much with it and you still have to make sure no one can see it. Likewise, a full on battering ram boner is the oldest trick in the book that you’ve seen since you were little: ok I get it you’re hard. Under the belt you go.

But this boner was hard enough that you could still poke out a girl’s eye or knock over a jenga tower but soft enough where you could never cum with it. A vein was beginning to pop out, but nothing extraordinary. It had potential: you could either let it die down and go pay the bills and start the day or you could rub it a bit and have a ready-for-sex hard on.

And it was here that I was reminded of another great moment in cock self-awareness: it was a couple years ago and I was still in college. It was in the dead of winter (yes, a Southern California winter can still be freezing) and I woke up in the middle of the night to take a piss. After some initial moments of denial, I got up from under the warm blankets, felt around for my sandals in the dark and walked to the bathroom. My hands were freezing.

I closed the bathroom door and took out my cock and for some reason I decided to let it rest on the back of my hand. It had never occurred to me until that very moment how incredibly warm my cock is. “Woah,” I thought, that’s fucking warm. I used my cock almost as a heating element during that bathroom trip to save my hands from frostbite. 

Now as I looked back down to my Saturday Morning Cock, I put it against the back of my hand again, connecting with my past. It was warm and very comforting, like a dish only your grandma makes right. And here is where I cursed myself: I WISH I had a girl lying next to me so I could just rest this Saturday Morning Cock on.

If there was a cute girl sleeping next to me I’d get up and just rest my cock on her cheek. This gesture isn’t sexual I promise you; I’m not asking for a blow job. I just wanna share this special treat with her. She’d let out a sound that sleeping people make when they are initially disturbed from slumberland and eventually be aware of what was going on. With eyes still closed she’d then crack a devilish little smile and let out an “MMMmmm” that people make when they are still in bed and they realize how warm and comfy they are. 

And I’d just let my warm cock rest on her face like that. It’d sooth her, I know it would. Transferring my warmth to her soul via my cock and its soft cock skin. It would wrong all ills and make everything ok. You remember the potential I was talking about? The energy it would take to get any harder would be transferred to her, straight to her heart of hearts. Grandma’s food she ate growing up. The dog that she loved when she was young that unfortunately died too soon. The pillow fort her and her siblings built in the living room with the full approval of her parents. That energy is mother’s milk.

Your cock isn’t just for fucking or whacking off or taking pisses. It DOES have special powers, I fucking swear it does. You always here women urging other women to get to know their bodies but I never hear men telling other men the same thing. They should. We’re more complicated than people give us credit for.

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